The Evansville Police Department has a new toy in the effort to combat graffiti in the city, and they're inviting you to see it in action this evening during their "Kool-Aid with a Cop" traveling town hall.

The "Soda Blaster" looks like a pressure washer, but doesn't use water. Instead it uses a compound similar in texture to baking soda to blast paint off practically any surface, concrete, brick, metal, etc. as shown in the demonstration below.

Note: This is not the exact blaster used by the EPD. This video merely shows how a soda blaster works.

Crime Prevention Officer Nick Sandullo will host a live demonstration of how the EPD is using theirs to remove unsightly graffiti from the city during the aforementioned traveling town hall at Potter's Wheel at 333 Jefferson Avenue in Evansville tonight beginning at 5:30 p.m. The demonstration will take place shortly after the start of the town hall at a nearby garage in the 300 block of Washington Avenue.

Following the demonstration, those in attendance are invited to return to Potter's Wheel for "Kool-Aid with a Cop" where residents can speak with local authorities about any issue they are concerned with regarding their neighborhood, or the city.

The event is open to the public and free to attend.

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