The way we shop for healthy, natural products in Evansville has changed over the past few years. I remember when the only places where you could find Gluten-Free foods were the locally owned health food shops.

These days, specialized products are easier to find, and many consumers started having their groceries delivered during the height of COVID, and just stuck with it. 

What Does This Mean for The Little Guys?

Quite unfortunately, more and more locally-owned shops are forced to close their doors.  Elbert's Natural Food Market released an announcement to their loyal customers, but it is not the kind of announcement we wanted to see. After more than fifteen years in business, the locally owned food market will close forever on April 16, 2022.

Why Are They Closing?

Elbert's letter to their customers cites the influx of corporate supermarkets that have set up shop in the area, and the response to their COVID restrictions during the pandemic as their reasons for closing.


They are urging all of us to Buy Local, or Bye Local. Read the complete announcement here.

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Elbert's Manager Carolyn's Message to Evansville

“In the decade that I have been helping you at Elbert’s, the attitude towards healthy food has really changed in Evansville. When the store first opened, most of our products were impossible to find. I started shopping at the store before I worked here because my daughter needed to be gluten-free, and I could barely find any of the specialty products that I needed.


A lot has changed since then and these products have gotten much easier to find. I am happy that those of us that eat mindfully and have special diets can find the things that we need much more easily. But I am also sad because just finding the products isn’t the same as finding them at Elbert’s. I am going to miss the store and so many of our customers. It has been a lovely side benefit of working for a small local store where I got to spend as much time as needed with any customer.


I have walked so many people through our store pointing out items that fit their special diet. Comforted so many people struggling with an unwelcome diagnosis. Gotten to know people on a personal level. I’m not sure I could have done that working for a corporate grocery.

I hope that people in our area continue to search for food that helps them lead the healthiest life possible. And I hope that our shutting down reminds everyone that if there is a local business that you love, support them as much as possible. Some things are worth cultivating even if they are a little more expensive.”

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