An icon among motorcycle enthusiasts in and around Evansville, as well as those passing through, has gained new ownership and will be changing its name.

63 Years in Business

For 63 years Bud's Harley-Davidson has served the motorcycle community here in Evansville with four generations having a hand in the business. On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Bud's closed its doors for the last time, ending the family's Harley legacy, according to a post made to Facebook.

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New Owners and a New Name

While the doors at Bud's may have closed, the Harley-Davidson legacy will live on as new owners, the Schippers, have taken over the business, changing the name to Evansville Harley-Davidson. In a post on Facebook, they say,

Over 60 years ago, Bud envisioned a shop that would serve and bring together the riders in Evansville and surrounding communities. We are committed to honoring that vision by providing a warm welcome and an unrivaled customer experience each time you visit Evansville Harley-Davidson, whether it’s to shop for your next bike, find the gear and clothing you need, or visit our service department to keep your bike road ready.

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No Strangers to the Business

The Schipper family is no stranger to the business as they own three other Harley-Davidson dealerships across the midwest in Louisville, Kentucky, Saint Louis, Missouri, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are also no strangers to Indiana with family roots in the state's agricultural business.

With their roots in Indiana agriculture, the Schipper family is grateful to be living the American dream, understanding the importance of hard work, integrity, and family in making that dream a reality.

Where to Find Evansville Harley-Davidson

Evansville Harley-Davidson is located at 4700 East Morgan Avenue in Evansville, next to Showplace Cinemas.

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