Yeah, I know, you may or may not remember these strange creatures from the Quiznos ads over 15 years ago. I remember the Spongmonkeys well. And I now regret introducing their bizarre jingle to my niece Zoey.

First of all, the ad in question, which I just happened to come across on my TikTok feed:

Here is a little more context. Zoey had a soccer tournament in Owensboro this past weekend, her team won their age division, and Saturday as we were on a break, my sister was talking about how her work friends did not remember the Quiznos spots. They probably blocked them out, I mean they are weird. What exactly was the “pepper bar”?

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Well, once Zoey heard the jingle, she ran with it for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Honestly, I could blame this on my sister but I love when Zoey appreciates something and she laughs at it hysterically like her Aunt Erin. We wore it out those Spongmonkeys. Zoey then showed at least one of her teammates the video and I’m not sure what her response was, it was probably a puzzled one. I know Owensboro had a Quiznos, right? I want to say it was out off 54, and I know I ate at one, maybe that one, at least once.

When I went and I did a little research, there are actually less than 300 locations left in the US. There is still a location Louisville, but it is listed at "temporarily closed".

So, what are some TV commercial earworms that you just cannot shake?


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