The Evansville Police Department has a reputation. A GREAT reputation. This is just another example of how awesome these men and women are!

Yesterday, Chris Brown saw two police cars by a mini van at an Evansville gas station. To anyone who may have been driving by, they could have assumed that the person driving the mini van was pulled over and in some kind of trouble...but that was not the case.

Whatever the reason may have been, the gentleman was in a little bind and didn't have money for gas. So the officers took their own money out of their pockets to help this may put gas in his vehicle. Here is the post that Chris posted on Facebook yesterday:

So I pull into the gas station when I see two police cars blocking in a white minivan with a young couple in it so just like any other red-blooded human I pick up my phone and start recording thinking this gentleman's getting ready to be arrested when all of a sudden two of the police officers Pulled money out of their own pocket and handed it to the young man apparently they were down on their luck and ran out of gas and was stranded as the young man walked into the gas station he was crying and was saying I can't believe this happened to me it's nice to see that you're still good people in this world hoping they made it to the destination safe and sound and good job to the police officers that stood up and did the right thing.



How awesome is that. You can not deny that we have some stand up law enforcement in the Tri-State. These folks are great people. From Cops Connecting With Kids to random acts of kindness like this. It's safe to say that our community is in great hands when it comes to the Evansville Police Department!


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