Gordy Wilcher is the founder and owner of Owensboro Music Center, the tri-state's #1 Music Store! He founded the store in 1973 and it has grown from 800 to 8000 square ft. Gordy is a man of many talents. He has worked as a touring musician, record producer, studio musician and professional vocalist, and as a talent agent and promoter. In addition, Gordy has a background in TV and radio voice overs and commercials, and as an on-air panelist and sports (basketball) predictor for a regional cable sports network.

Gordy also represented Kentucky in the WTVW Fox network Backyard BBQ Cook-off and served as a celebrity chef for "Picnic With The Bugs" (serving original dishes that included insects).

Gordy's is a  locally owned "community" music instrument store. They also design and install custom sound systems for worship, school, and homes. The store offers music instruction and features 8 in house studios and 140 students weekly. Owensboro Music Center has been nominated in 2 categories as the nations best sound reinforcement store and guitar amplifier dealer. They also have a "live sound division" and have provided sound for many concert and festival clients including W.C.Handy Blues & Barbecue Festival, Friday After 5, Owensboro Symphony, Bluegrass In The Park and many many more.

Gordy is also a dear friend and I enjoyed hearing him talk about his passion of helping people with music and his love for his fellow Velvet Bombers band members. You don't want to miss this interview, Gordy also talks about his heart attack he had in 2016.

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