I don't think anyone can deny how neat it is to see so many positive, encouraging, uplifting stories coming out in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. People are seemingly being nicer to each other, finding unique and creative ways to bring a little joy into someone else's day.

Maybe some of these things were already happening, before the coronavirus, and we just didn't see or hear about them. But there's no doubt that social distancing has forced people to find new ways to interact with one another. More and more people are realizing they have gifts to share, whether that be financial or material things - or if it's with their time and/or talents.

One talented utility worker sure did surprise and elderly woman recently. According to the story on inspiremore.com, this fella down in Florida took a quick break from work in order to serenade a woman at a nearby assisted living facility. Even though is was the middle of the week, he decided to take this sweet lady to church with a soulful, out-of-nowhere performance of "His Eye Is On The Sparrow." Luckily for us, Jennifer Brown was there to capture the touching moment on video, and then share it with us on her Facebook page.

Here's a little bonus church - one of my favorite (partial) performances of the same song.

And if that moved you, then you really need to hear the full length, fully produced version from the same two young woman.

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Pictures of Joy

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