Growing up, I spent a lot of time at the Princeton Public Library. No, I wasn't actually studying, but I did check out books and magazines every other week. The library was in walking distance of my house, and as long as I remembered to take them back on time, it was free.

Unfortunately, more and more kids are not reading like we did back in the day. In addition to all of the video games and other screen activities, some kids just don't have access to books.

Research shows that simply having access to books, can change a child's life. According to ResearchDate;

Children growing up in homes with many books get 3 years more schooling than children from bookless homes, independent of their parents’ education, occupation, and class.

There is a nonprofit organization that is working to ensure all children have access to books at home. Millions of books are exchanged every year, thanks to the Little Free Library. Families are able to donate and take books from the Little Free Library, using the honor system.

We are lucky enough to have 16 Little Free Libraries right here in Evansville. The 3 libraries at Haynie's Corner are empty, and could use some fresh donations.

Help! Our Little Libraries need some love! Most of them are empty! Books can be put in any of the libraries around the corner (two by the fountain, one by the Alhambra) or dropped off on the porch of the yellow house facing the fountain. Kids books go extra fast, but we’ll take anything you have! 

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Here is the Little Free Library map.

Little Free Libraries

Anyone can start a Little Free Library, here's how:

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