One of WGBF's most popular hosts is that man from Nashville, Dave Ramsey, who's been holding down the morning drive slot on NewsTalk 1280 for some years now has been on the road again with his traveling economic salvation show and recently packed 'em in in Oklahoma City. Rob Adair, COO of Renda Corporation, owner of local Ramsey affiliate KOKC, had this to say:

“There were 10,000 of radio’s most loyal listeners all under one roof last Saturday. It was truly a sight to behold. I’ve had numerous promotional partners in the radio business over the years, but none as hard working, as committed or as reliable as Dave Ramsey and his team! Dave Ramsey is great for your audience, great for your radio station and great for your community.”

Attentive WGBF listeners will remember when Dave visited Evansville and nearly filled Roberts Stadium some years ago. GO Dave!

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