Southern Indiana is becoming more populated by bobcats, to the point that there is a possibility that we may have a bobcat season for hunting.


According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, "Bobcat Season" is on the agenda to be passed soon. The proposal will be reviewed next year, and if passed, will go into affect later in the year.

Here is what the DNR's proposal consists of:

312 IAC 9-3-18.1:  Bobcat Hunting & Trapping Season
Authorizes a bobcat hunting & trapping season. There would be a bag limit of one bobcat per person and a statewide quota, and the season would be open only in a restricted number of counties in Southern Indiana.

There is no word yet on what counties would be taking part in the proposed hunting season, however, one can assume that Warrick County would be one of those counties with Bluegrass and the coal mines being the home to many bobcats. You can see how populated Indiana counties are and learn more about bobcats by clicking here.

The question here is this. If passed, is Bobcat Hunting something that you would be interested in or do you feel like this is a bad decision?



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