Autumn leaves sure do provide a beautiful landscape when they begin to change colors and fall to the ground. What's not so beautiful is raking, picking up and disposing of those doggone things.

From the Evansville Water & Sewer Utility

The Annual Fall Leaf Pick-up will run from Monday, October 23rd through Friday, December 15th. The annual service is available to city residents who pay for trash service with their water bill, including newly-annexed areas. Apartment complexes, mobile home communities and business/commercial customers are not eligible.

Leaves must be contained in biodegradable plastic or paper leaf bags or in containers. Bags must be placed in manageable, organized piles for pickup on the same day of the regular trash service, however they must be kept separate from the normal weekly trash that is collected. The bags should be placed at the pickup location before 6 a.m. on trash collection days. Bags should only be placed at the pickup location several days in advance.

Leaves not in biodegradable bags that do not meet these requirements will not be picked up. Residence with leaves not in biodegradable bags will be notified to re-bag their leaves in biodegradable bags and they will be picked up on the following week.

Customer who have bagged their leaves and placed them for pickup according to the requirements yet feel they were missed should call Republic Services at 812-424-3345 within two days of the trash collection date to report a possible missed pick-up.

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