O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar, the classic American restaurant with locations across 17 states, today announced a second annual partnership with The Folded Flag Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships and educational support grants to families of fallen soldiers. After a successful inaugural initiative, the 200+ restaurants have committed to raising money for the United States military and their families again by providing a $5 O’Charley’s voucher to guests who donate $5 to the Folded Flag Foundation on their individual bills now through Sunday, Oct. 29. One hundred percent of all donations given to The Folded Flag Foundation go directly to the families of U.S. soldiers who have died during combat operations, in the form of scholarships and educational grants.

In conjunction with this year’s partnership, O’Charley’s will honor and recognize recent scholarship recipients of the organization during celebratory events at 12 O’Charley’s restaurants now through Veterans Day. During the events, the recipients will visit their neighborhood O’Charley’s with friends and family for a celebration and a complimentary meal. A presentation of the colors and the singing of the National Anthem will kick-off each of the events which are slated to take place in cities like St. Louis, Birmingham, Charleston and Clarksville, Tennessee, among others.

“We were blown away by O’Charley’s and their guests’ generosity during last year’s initiative,” John Coogan, executive director of The Folded Flag Foundation, said. “Because of their commitment to The Folded Flag Foundation, we were able to grant more than $90,000 in scholarships through their donation alone. We are thrilled to partner with O’Charley’s again this year and are especially grateful for the special events they are hosting for our recipients and their loved ones.”

In the past 25 years, more than 7,000 men and women have died while deployed in the combat zone, leaving behind thousands of spouses who struggle to support themselves and their children’s education. While government assistance programs exist, they do not provide enough to cover education costs for the soldiers’ children. For these families in need, The Folded Flag Foundation is making a difference by ensuring the children of our service members are on a successful path towards college and their future. Thanks to the organization’s hard work and generous supporters, The Folded Flag Foundation awarded 44 educational grants for the 2016-2017 academic year, totaling $365,000 in scholarships to students in need.

“Teaming up with The Folded Flag Foundation for a second year was a natural fit for us,” Eddie Hall, O’Charley’s president, said. “We have a longstanding history of honoring our military and their families so this partnership is one of significant importance. We know our guests will play an integral role in this fundraising initiative and we appreciate their continued dedication to this worthy cause.”

In addition to this partnership, O’Charley’s will celebrate Veterans Day by once again offering veterans and active duty service members a free meal on Veterans Day (November 11). Additionally, O’Charley’s offers a 10 percent discount to members of the military all year long.

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