Surveys have indicated that most coffee drinkers like to stick to a certain brand of coffee for personal use.  Some of us will switch around if there's a deal to be had and I admit that I'm one of those "switchers."  As coffee prices rise in the near future, more of my coffee drinking colleagues may end up being a switcher, like me, in order to save some coffee cash!

Brazil has experienced a massive drought, which has significantly hurt it's coffee bean production, and Arabica beans have been especially hard hit.  Since Brazil is responsible for a third of the world's coffee, that impacts all of us coffee lovers.

When can you expect to see higher prices in the supermarket?  You'll most likely see the prices beginning to go up in May.  If you like to buy your coffee on the go, Starbucks will be your best bet against rising prices since it had already locked in its coffee bean prices for the rest of this year and 2015.

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