If you've driven through Chandler, you may have wondered why they had a Christmas billboard up so early, the answer is very heartwarming!
If you've driven through Chandler recently, you may notice a billboard that says "Merry Christmas Cathy" and it may have you wondering why is Chandler celebrating Christmas so early?  Well it turns out the reason, is very touching.

You see Cathy on the billboard, is a warrior. Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing a double mastectomy she recently learned the devastating news that the cancer has spread, and chemo is no longer working for her.  Her favorite holiday happens to be Christmas, so the community has really come together to spread Christmas cheer in her honor!

You may remember recently we shared the story of a house covered in Christmas lights in Chandler, that house is Cathy's.  According to her friend Terra while Cathy as at Race for the Cure her niece and friends decorated her house for her favorite holiday to surprise her! You can see that story, here!

Cathy's story has touched many hearts, and many have tried to spread as much Christmas cheer as possible for her!

According to Terra, the billboard came from a couple who wanted to do something big to really spread Christmas cheer, they decided something big and a billboard was just the right size!

Xavier Brison works at Lamar .. I believe he lives in Chandler with his fiance and they wanted to do something very nice for Kathy other than just sending a card or baking cookies I think this made a huge statement

Check out the video below of Cathy's reaction, it will warm your heart!

Merry Christmas Cathy, the community is all thinking of you, thank you for bringing everyone together and spread a little Christmas cheer!




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