What makes a prank a “good” prank? Well, for me it needs to be creative, simple, funny and for the most part, harmless. This prank here seems to meet all of the criteria for a perfect prank.

This is just brilliant. A guy, on his cell phone, sits next to unsuspecting “victims” who are also on the cell phone. The pranker begins to respond to comments and questions made by the victims, but in a way that sounds like he is simply carrying on his own conversation. A really simple concept, executed to perfection by a guy named Greg Benson. The victims seem to catch on to what he’s doing and even question him about it, but Benson plays it off like a pro. In the end, it seems like everyone has a pretty good attitude about the prank. The young lady in the pink flannel shirt is especially fun to watch. She can’t hold back her laughter, which in turn kinda makes Benson chuckle a bit.

This is just one of many pranks and funny videos from Benson's YouTube channel MediocreFilms.

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