Unless you're a leprechaun hanging out at the end of a rainbow, no one should have such easy access to gold.

A man in New York City swiped a bucket filled with $1.6 million in gold flakes off the back of a truck while armored guards were looking away.

It certainly was a gold bold move by a gold cold-hearted crook.

The incident occurred in September, but is only now becoming public knowledge, with the video of the daring crime making the rounds online.

Authorities say they don't believe the man was even aware what he had stolen. One police official said, "I think he just saw an opportunity, took the pail and walked off."

The tub weighed 86 pounds, so he had a heck of a time making a getaway. In fact, he walked to a waiting car about a half-mile away, but that trek took him about an hour. Even in New York City, where moving around on foot can be a slow motion adventure, that's an astonishing amount of time.

Police believe the man may now be in Florida and the armored car company is offering a $100,000 reward for any information that leads to the man's capture.

It's unclear if the guards who left the gold out in the open are still with the company.

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