They're two words that, until now, you'd only put together when discussing a pregnant woman's cravings: chocolate chicken.

Grant Thompson cooked up a four-pound chocolate shaped like a chicken. It took hours to create and a drumstick fell off in the process, but the effect is still made. It's the ideal treat for someone with the kind of sweet tooth that made the gummy turkey a Thanksgiving meal well worth the root canal that is sure to ensue.

Four pounds of anything is a lot for any stomach to handle, so the best bet here is to make sure you share it.

We know, we know -- sharing this much chocolate seems sacrilegious, kind of like someone having the audacity to ask you for a Snickers after you get home from trick-or-treating, even though you know deep down that much chocolate is going to leave your belly as sensitive as a toddler who's had his Legos taken away because he keeps leaving them on the kitchen floor for mommy and daddy to step on.

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