In their continued effort to make sure everyone stays safe on Tri-State roads, the Indiana State Police (ISP) will conduct a DUI checkpoint sometime this weekend, somewhere in Warrick County.

The exact time and location are unknown, and won't be until drivers pull up on the scene. Obviously announcing where an when the checkpoint will be held gives those who shouldn't be behind the wheel after one to many the opportunity to avoid the area which defeats the whole point.

According to the ISP, sober drivers who pull up to the checkpoint can expect a short delay of two to three minutes.

Warrick County is a large area, however a majority of it is rural. If I were a betting man, I would put money down on the checkpoint being somewhere around the Newburgh or Boonville area. But that's probably what the ISP wants us to think, so they very well could set it up on a side road somewhere. You know what, instead of trying to guess, how about you just play it safe and get a designated driver, or call a cab if you go out for a few drinks in Warrick County this weekend.


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