The overwhelming majority of concerts that come through Evansville are country acts. While country music isn't really my thing, I certainly can't blame the promoters and the venues. The fact is, country concerts do really well here - they sell a bunch of tickets - and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So when a non-country concert comes to town, I get pretty excited, especially when that concert features an iconic act from the 90's. Blues Traveler is one such act - they came to town on September 21st for a concert at the beautiful Victory Theatre.

The veteran band was on the road promoting their new album Traveler's Blues. That tour, however, was cut short just a few days after the concert in Evansville. On September 24th, the band announced they were canceling the rest of their 2021 tour dates. Here's the official word from the band.

We are very sad to announce the cancellation of the remainder of our 2021 tour dates, due to the injury John Popper sustained in our recent bus accident. Ticket refunds are available at the point of purchase.

In fact, anyone who went to the show at the Victory Theatre should consider themselves lucky. The aforementioned Blues Traveler bus accident happened on August 19th, just two days before the concert in Evansville, and despite his injuries, John Popper still came out on stage and did his thing.

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Nick Durcholz is a professional photographer (with Farthingtonfauxtoe) and a friend of the station. He was at the concert at took a bunch of great pictures for us to share with you.

Front Row View of Blues Traveler in Concert at The Victory Theatre

On September 21, 2021, Blues Traveler came to the Victory Theatre in Evansville while on tour promoting their new album Traveler's Blues. The remainder of that tour was canceled just a few days later after frontman John Popper was injured in a bus accident.
Big shout out to our friend, and talented photographer, Nick Durcholz of Farthingtonfauxtoe for these great pics.

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