Remember the (good?) old days when electricity was used for treating all sorts of behavioral disorders?  Eventually most of us came to think of that sort of "treatment" as cruel and barbaric, but now electricity is once again being used for treatment of Alzheimer's and similar dementias.  "Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the 'brain pacemaker.'"

Yes, the brain pacemaker.  Doctors drill small holes in the head and implant tiny wires, strategically placed to contact the correct spots of the brain.  Then low voltage electricity is created by the pacemaker to (hopefully) correct brain function.

No one knows if this type of treatment will work, but some doctors believe that it's worth a, shot, especially with more than five million Americans suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer's or other similar dementias.  We all have to count on that number increasing, too, as baby boomers age.

Not to make light of a serious problem for many Americans, but if this treatment doesn't work, maybe they could ramp up the amps and test it on radio announcers, many of whom are in definite need of some sort of therapy.