When we do cookouts at our house, I always way overestimate because right behind being hunted in my own home by a serial killer, not having enough to eat at my BBQ is one of my biggest fears! Then, we have to stuff our fridge with food that we'll never eat. And, one of my biggest pet peeves, right behind my husband completely dismissing all my irrational fears, is throwing away perfectly good food.

So, when I saw this BBQ calculator, the Heavens opened and I rejoiced for God himself must be behind this ingenious piece of technology.

Here's how it works: you put in how many adults and children will be in attendance and then set your preferences based on what kind of meat and veggies you want to serve. It calculates what you need to buy and the estimated cost. It even gives you some game planning tips and entertainment ideas. Cool huh?

BBQ Calculator
BBQ Calculator

And there's a bunch of other food calculators to use too like the pizza party calculator, wedding drinks calculator, and cake calculator. YUM. I love cake!

BBQ Party Calculator

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