Dearest Tooth Fairy,

As you have undoubtedly heard, my daughter lost her fourth tooth last night. She popped it out like a champ right between bites of dinner. After the initial hoopla we mustered (considering it was the fourth tooth), we put it in your special bag and left it under the pillow immediately.

We were sad to see this morning that you didn't make it to our house last night to pick up the tooth. I'm sure you feel very bad that our house wasn't visited and you might even be beating yourself up a little bit. But, don't...

Ms. Fairy, I'm here to tell you that it's okay. Girl, I know you have a LOT going on. I mean a fairy like you not only works a full-time job picking up teeth but probably also has a family whom she cooks for, cleans up after, does laundry for, entertains, and disciplines.

You are probably the soft spot for baby fairy naps and play Uno, Connect-Four, and Pie in the Face at least a dozen times a day with your little fairy offspring. Not to mention running them to fairy summer camp, flying practice, and playing host to fairy friends playtime.

You probably have to bathe and feed your fairy pets and make sure your little fairy house is stocked with fairy food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and everything under the sun that makes fairy houses livable. You might even have fairy grass  to mow and pay fairy bills.

I get it... fairies are busy creatures. You didn't get to our house last night, and that is OKAY. Don't beat yourself up over it because you work hard day in and day out. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Seeking fairy perfection, well, that is enough to make anyone crazy! And my daughter will survive without those two bucks for one day.

We do hope to see you tonight, Ms. Tooth Fairy. And please know we love you and value you for everything you do.



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