Albion Fellows Bacon Center has been serving the community for 31 years, and they have plans to expand their services. This is only their second ever capitol campaign.

From their Facebook page:

Thirty-one years ago today, Albion Fellows Bacon Center embarked on a journey to establish the funds to construct the building that we reside in still today! Today, Albion announced the start of our organizations SECOND EVER capital campaign.

With $810,950 already pledged and raised, we are more than halfway to our $1.5 million dollar goal.

All these funds will go towards extending our space to add 12 additional beds, allowing Albion the capability to provide safe shelter for up to 48 individuals at one time. In addition, it will enhance our security for non-residential clients, allowing us to create and maintain a secure location for Advocacy & Crisis meetings.

We are proud of our community. We are proud of our clients and their bravery. We are continuously inspired and uplifted.

All funds given on this post will be designated to our Campaign.

Additionally, we encourage you to visit us online at and enroll in an auto-renewing donation & choose to designate towards this campaign. For the next five years, you will partner with us and provide us with the ability to grow - $10 a month = $120 a year = $600 closer to our goal!

From our Media Partner: Eyewitness News

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