Do you have engineering, mechanic, electrician, plumbing, HVAC, finance, or even dental and medical experience? If so, the United States Air Force has 135-plus positions currently open that you may qualify for.

As a member of the U.S. Air Force, you will have the assurance of job security. These are all full-time positions that give you training and experience, a paycheck twice a month, and the opportunity for consistent promotions.

Other great benefits include:

  • Paid vacation days
  • Unlimited sick leave
  • Medical and dental care
  • Free travel on military aircraft
  • 100% college tuition assistance
  • 20-30 year retirement
  • Dorms and base housing, as well as utilities, are covered
  • Housing and food allowance if not living in a dorm

You could also be stationed at any Air Force base or joint command in the U.S., Europe, or Asia, living in parts of the world other people could only dream of. Dorms and base housing are both free with utilities covered!

The Air Force is always looking for promising new team members, so talk to your local recruiter today so they can help you make an informed decision about your future. They may have opportunities to offer that you won't find anywhere else!

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