Thursday's game between the Packers and Cardinals was an exciting back and forth battle until the very end. One moment of that game has the internet on fire.

The NFL got the kind of game that keeps fans glued to the TV until the very end. There was never a moment when either team was a surefire winner.

The last two minutes was the most exciting part of the entire game, for football fans.

For meme lovers, it was a different moment that turned out to be the most exciting part of the game.

Late in the game, at the end of a touchdown play, Aaron Rodgers took a late hit and was knocked down. As he laid there on the ground, having not yet seen a flag thrown, he gave officials a very distinctive look.

It's that look, that expression on his face, that has the internet on fire.

The image of his expression from the ground was captured on Fox as they were cutting away to commercials.

I don't think these memes will be going away anytime soon.

These are the best Aaron Rodgers Memes I've seen.

PLEASE share more with me as they will never sop being funny.

I forgot to mention earlier that I'm a huge Packer fan, something I thought would explain why this last Aaron Rodgers meme is my favorite.

Sorry, this Packer fan lied, one more.

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