A full body scanner is being added to the Vanderburgh County Jail in an effort to keep drugs and other contraband out. 

The new layer of security will cost about $130,000, but that's a small price to pay to protect the cells from drugs and weapons. This addition comes after a woman was sentenced to 11 years in prison for a stabbing. According to a report by Tristate Homepage, the woman said she was high on meth - while in police custody - when she agreed to the plea deal.

Sheriff Dave Wedding told Tristate Homepage, “We know people are going through great lengths to get drugs into our complex. Many of these people are extremely addicted to narcotics, and they will go to any measure.”

Inmates can swallow drugs or smuggle them inside their person in an attempt to get drugs while incarcerated. The new full-body scanner will be deployed starting this weekend for every person who comes in. It is very similar to ones used at airports. It gives corrections officers a look inside inmates. If police catch something on the scanner, the Sheriff’s Office will have to apply for a search warrant to get it. Inmates will then be taken to the hospital to have it removed. They will also be charged with a felony for the smuggling.

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