Wednesdays With Winnecke

Bank on Evansville the Topic of Wednesdays With Winnecke
Several topics were covered on this week's edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke, including the 4th anniversary of our Bank on Evansville program. In case you missed any of it, or if you thought it was so brilliant that you'd like to hear it again, you can do so below.
EPD and EFD on Wednesdays With Winnecke [Audio]
This morning we were lucky to get two of our fine public servants on the program. Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke was joined by Dan Grimm from the Evansville Fire Department and by Chris Pugh from the Evansville Police Department.
October 3rd Edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke [Audio]
The new Evansville Citizen Concern app...healthy Fall Festival food options...the next traveling city hall...and an exciting new announcement regarding Clean Evansville were all covered on the newest edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke. You can hear the entire show here.
Wednesdays With Winnecke is Back – Hear Today’s Show [Audio]
Today marks the return of our weekly 30-minute show with Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. The show airs every Wednesday from 8:30am-9am. And in case you missed it today, you can hear the entire show here.
Since we took a brief hiatus from the show this summer, we had to do a bit of catch-up in the fi…

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