This morning we were lucky to get two of our fine public servants on the program. Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke was joined by Dan Grimm from the Evansville Fire Department and by Chris Pugh from the Evansville Police Department.

In the first segment, the EFD's Public Information Officer Dan Grimm was in to discuss the Public Safety Fair which is coming up on Sunday, October 21st. We also talked about Mayor Winnecke and the EPD making good on the bet they lost at this year's Guns and Hoses charity boxing event. Listen to hear what our Mayor and Police Chief have to do!

October 10th - Segment 1

The second segment of the program was all about meth. EPD Assistant Chief Chris Pugh was here to talk about the current meth situation in Evansville and Southwestern Indiana, and the various efforts to reduce its manufacturing. This continues to be one of the biggest problems facing our city. Last year we had the most meth labs in the state...and this year we are on track to have about the same number of labs. Listen to hear what Assistant Chief Pugh says we can do to help get those numbers down.

October 10th - Segment 2

Chris Pugh, Billy Bolin, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke