Earlier in the week, I saw a Facebook post from a frantic Newburgh mom warning about young men in the area who were trying to pick up her son at the bus stop.

She was rightfully afraid. I mean, what parent doesn't want keep your kiddo safe?

Moranda Ismail wrote, "Newburgh friends. The silver car in this video stopped and repeatedly offered my son a ride, as he was walking toward our house from the school bus stop. I went out to meet him as I always do. I saw the silver car stopped in the middle of the street and heard a male voice talking to him. I started to quickly make my way down the street and yelled out. The car took off. My son said there were two young men in the car. They were young guys, perhaps in their early twenties and the driver had dark hair. If you recognize this car, please message me. Please also be vigilant in your neighborhood. I don’t know this person’s intent, but I am thankful that I was able to be here for him and that he also knows what to do in this scenario. You can see the silver car turn onto the street as the bus goes by."

But, today, the Warrick Sheriff's Office posted some good news.

"UPDATE: This incident has been resolved. Two young juveniles were joking around with the other boy. Both of these juveniles came forward and admitted that it was them and apologized to the boy and his family. Thanks!"

Ms. Ismail added, "**UPDATE: After much help from our wonderful neighbors, as well as the Sheriff’s Department. We did find out that the driver of the car was a 14 year old kid. The parents have been notified and he was apologetic. While it was a scary situation, we are told that there was no malicious intent, but rather a couple of kids that made a stupid mistake..**

That's way better than what could have been. It's always best to be cautious and talk to your kids about the dangers that lurk and also about thinking before pranking. Thankfully, this one was just a prank and the young men came forward. Kudos to them - we all make mistakes but it's what you do after-the-fact that defines your character. Hopefully, there's a lesson in this for all of us. :)


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