If having one event at Bosse Field on a beautiful early Fall weekend is good, then having TWO events at that historic venue on both days of that same weekend is even better! I realize that's a really wordy way to make my point, but you get it, right?

Young & Established will be a permanent fixture at Bosse Field this weekend, with not one, but two events - one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

First up is a FREE yoga session - three free yoga sessions, actually. You're invited to come relax on what should be an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, and hopefully reduce some of your stress at 12pm, 1pm or 2pm. Then, once you're feeling good and relaxed, come back to Bosse Field on Sunday for an afternoon of corn toss. The tournament starts at 2pm.

Facebook/Young & Established
Facebook/Young & Established

If you've never been to Bosse Field, or you don't remember how to get there, it's located at 23 Don Mattingly Way - it's the big, beautiful, brick, baseball stadium (the third oldest operational stadium in the country btw).

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