Appy Tuesday, y'all! See what I did there? We are talking about an app and... ok, you get it.

Last night, I was watching the national news and a story came on about a 17-year-old girl who missed her curfew. Her mom tracked her location on her phone and found out she was standing still on a stretch of road. Turns out, she had hydroplaned and skidded into a ravine! She was unable to reach her phone to call for help and no other cars on the road could see her. If it wasn't for her mom being able to track her phone, she probably wouldn't have been saved.

The girl's mom used the standard Find My iPhone which is a good one but once your phone is off, it doesn't show a history. If this girl's phone was broken or submerged in water, things could have turned out ugly.


We use Life360. It's a family location sharing app. And I know what you are thinking - I don't want anyone to know where I am! I get it but if you are looking for a safety plan for your kids and family, it's a must.

The free version of the Life360 app shows you more details including a history of where they have been and how fast they were going. Yes, my husband and I have this on our phones. No, I don't want to know how fast he was going...

For us, the free version is fine. We really only use it for safety purposes and to see where the other is at for childcare pickup. I may have used it once or twice to stalk his whereabouts so I knew the perfect time to tell him to stop at Walmart because he was "right there." My husband actually uses it as a time clock for his employees who are on the road all day and the Life360 website even featured a family who used it to track each other during a terror attack. Scary but natural disasters, accidents, and even terror attacks happen every day.

Now, if you have teens or employees with a work phone, the paid version which is $7.99 a month, would really come in handy. It offers phone usage, high speed tracker, hard tracking and accelerator tracking, crash detection and response, a driver report and weekly summary, roadside assistance, an extended history (if you think your significant other has a side piece I guess), and even crime reports. I don't really need all that but when my daughter is old enough to drive, you better believe she's getting this app.

Can it be turned off? Yes. But again, it's better than nothing. From what I've used it for, it's great. And hopefully it will save even more lives.

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