Do you remember the McPizza?  Chances are you do if you live in the tristate area.  It was 1989 that McDonald's launched and tested the product right here in the WBKR listening area.  McDonald's locations in Owensboro, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana were serving up 14-inch, family-style pizzas and, if you ask me, they were delicious!

Here's one of the official commercials for McPizza!

And, here's another . . .

If you're in Owensboro and you stop by one of the original McPizza test locations, there are still some reminders.  For instance, the location at Wesleyan Park Plaza (where I bought my first McPizza) is still home to the remodeled addition that became the McPizza parlor, where the pizzas were made.  In fact, by the time the test-run was complete, lots of McDonald's locations (estimations of around 500 locations) were rolling out the dough and baking them up.

And, now my confession . . . I loved, loved, loved the McPizza!  Lots of folks did.  The only thing the company didn't love about them was ultimately the one thing that burned McDonald's on the idea.  With a baking time of nearly 14 minutes, the McPizza simply took too long to make and bake.  McDonald's, the country's fast food giant, had, with this product, managed to take the "fast" out of "fast food."

It's a shame really.  I thought the McPizza's were awesome.  And, trust me, in 1989 and the early 90's, I was a starving college student.  And I spent my first two years at Kentucky Wesleyan College rounding up money with my friends and buying McPizza's!

And while they're gone, they're certainly not forgotten.  And, according to various sources on the internet, two McDonald's locations (one in Pomeroy, Ohio and another in Spencer, West Virginia) are still rolling them out.

Long live the McPizza . . . a McWonderful idea . . . while it lasted!