I feel like a really old man when I think about this, because it makes me mad. Truth be told, though, I'm really just jealous. I'm jealous of grown men and women that make this money by making videos on YouTube. Actually, if you have any sense, the #1 YouTuber will make you mad. It's just not fair!

*You've been warned that some of these videos may contain language or content that is NSFW or offensive. I'll be honest, I didn't watch them all. I mena, who could sit and watch all of this nonsense?!

10. Logan Paul - $14.5 million

9. PewDiePie - $15.5 million

8. Jacksepticeye - $16 million

7. Vanoss Gaming - $17 million

6. Markiplier - $17.5 million

5. Jeffree Star - $18 million

4. DanTDM - $18.5 million

3. Dude Perfect - $20 million

2. Jake Paul - $21.5 million

1. Ryan ToysReview - $22 million

[Source: Forbes.com]

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