In a exclusive interview last night on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams, former White House intern Mimi Alford told Meredith Vieira about her affair with President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Alford told Vieira that she was interning in the White House press room and was only 19-years-old when President Kennedy took an interest in her. She thought nothing of his invitation to tour the White House but the tour ended with Alford losing her virginity in the first lady's bedroom.

“The president came over to me and asked me if I’d like to take a tour of the second floor of the White House and see some of the rooms that had been redecorated. The last room that we went into was the bedroom and we walked into the bedroom and it was a beautiful room…I learned later that it was Mrs. Kennedy’s bedroom,” Alford said.

When Vieira asked if Kennedy had overpowered her, she answered, “I think overpowered in the sense that he was the president. He was this unbelievably handsome man, 45 years old, overpowered in the fact that he had chosen me…and taken me on this tour. That's what I mean by being overpowered by the whole situation. Not overpowered physically that someone had grabbed me and done this to me and made me do something that I wasn't really willing to do, because I really think I was willing to do it.”

This morning, Alford explained to Ann Curry on the Today Show that during their 18-month affair, when Alford told Kennedy that she thought she might be pregnant, the Irish Catholic President told her that he would help to 'take care of the situation' implying that the intern should receive an abortion. At the 9:00 a.m. hour, in the Today's Professionals segment, panel Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman discussed the allegations that Kennedy had advocated an abortion and had used his power to 'rape' the young girl. All agreed that even though Kennedy was known for extra marital affairs, in their opinion his reputation and legacy had been tarnished by these allegations.