Santa Switch and all the winter formal events are almost here! Yikes, the year is flying by. But time marches on.

If you are looking for a formal dress and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, check out some of the second hand dresses available around town.

I was in the The World Wide Mission Store located on Congress behind Eastland Mall this past weekend and they have several racks of really cute formal dresses. There were both long and short ones available.

You can also find beautiful prom dresses at AnnaLe's Twice Chosen Bridal ConsignmentI purchased my wedding dress from AnnaLe's. It was new with tags and a fraction of the cost if I had purchased it from a boutique.

You can also try Goodwill locations around the tri-state as they will many times carry prom dresses as well but selection may vary from store to store.

If you can't find anything at these locations or want to look online, many families try to resell prom dresses on Facebook marketplace. This one is tricky because you have to meet up and try it on at a secure location. But, it can be done!

Cinderella’s Closet of Western KY provides formal wear to high school girls who could not otherwise afford to attend their school dances.

Hangers in Evansville can also help students who have no means of purchasing formal wear to find a gown.

If you have any other places to find a Santa Switch dress, let me know!

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