Keep your eyes on the sky the night of January 21, 2019 for the Super Blood Wolf Moon! You might be wondering what the heck is a "Super Blood Wolf Moon" right about now. It sounds like something out of a terrible horror movie, but it's actually pretty interesting.

Over night on January 20-21, we in the United States will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. That is when Earth's shadow covers the Moon's surface to give it a reddish tint and turn it into what some call a "blood moon," according to NBC News. This will be the first lunar eclipse of 2019 and the last total lunar eclipse until 2021, but this Super Blood Wolf Moon isn't just any lunar eclipse. According to NBC News:

It coincides with the year's first full moon — a "wolf moon" in the folklore tradition because it occurs at a time of year when wolves howl outside villages — and comes when the moon is slightly bigger and brighter because it's at the closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit.


lunar eclipse
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So when should you step outside to catch a glimpse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon here in the Tri-State? Around 9:30 PM Central Time, the Earth's Shadow will start to cross the lunar surface. The point of totality ( which is when the sun, moon, and Earth are aligned perfectly and Earth's shadow completely covers the moon) will take place about 11:12 AM Central Time on January 21. Hopefully skies will be clear enough to get a great view of this rare moon.

There will actually be a viewing party in Evansville for the community to take part in. Mayor Lloyd Winnecke took to social media to give you the details.

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