If you've seen all of the different shades of beer, no doubt you've seen this one that's dark. I mean, really dark. You can't even see through it. It basically looks (and sometimes smells) like black coffee. Stout beers are pretty popular, but what makes them qualify as a stout beer and is it something you'd be into? Here's what I know.

Like most beers, they're made with hops and yeast but are heavy in roasted barley or roasted malt. That roasted flavor is what makes it taste similar to coffee to me. They're known to be pretty strong in alcohol content with some being between 6% - 8%. There are several variations of stouts including milk stouts, chocolate stouts, imperial stouts and many more. The most popular being Guinness.

Despite their dark color, they usually don't feel heavy. If you closed your eyes, it might taste like you're drinking any beer that happens to have a rich, roasted flavor.

You may even see a few stouts at America On Tap coming to Yakima on September 12. Unlimited samples for three hours, you can't go wrong. Make sure you get your tickets in advanced to save $10 off the door price.

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