I have a very small dog. At only 17 lbs and with very little hair, you'd think he wouldn't be a hassle to clean. But I'm here to tell you - he is! He and my daughter love going out after it rains and playing in the mud. Just last weekend, I found muddy flip-flop and paw prints tracked through my house! Dirty dogs. Then they take a bath together and I'm the one who has to get them both out of the bathtub.

When you have over 30 dogs at any given time, you need a LOT of towels. And those towels are being used constantly so the need for new towels is always top of mind which is why the Warrick Humane Society in Newburgh is asking for your gently used towels.


In a Facebook post, the WHS asked for towel  donations:

WHS FANS! Have you been doing some spring cleaning, and have extra towels lying around you don’t know what to do with? Any gently used towels you’d like to donate to the shelter sure would be appreciated!
We are here to receive donations Tuesday - Sunday 8-4 with extended hours on Thursdays until 7. We also have a bin on our porch for after-hour donation drop offs. Thank you!!
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Address5722 S Vann Rd, Newburgh, IN 47630
Can't make it over but still want to help? You can also order new towels and send them to the WHS.

With it being spring, it's a GREAT time to upgrade your own bath and swim towels. I know I have some that I think I carted to my house from my mom's house twenty years ago. And she probably had them for twenty years. It's time for them to go!


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Whenever I see little Miss Alanah Meier's photos come up in my Facebook newsfeed, I can't help but smile. Her array of facial expressions is quite extensive, to say the least. Her mom Kim told me that post colic phase, she's the happiest baby ever.

I think my favorite part of her expressions are her eyes and eyebrows. She looks at you like, "Seriously, what are you doing?" Work it, girl! At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up meme or a baby model sometime soon.

Family photos are provided by JD Stark Photography in Evansville.

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