The Warrick County Sheriff's Department is currently accepting donations for the purchase of two new dual purpose K-9s. These K-9's will give the Warrick County Sheriff's Department more resources to help remove illegal narcotics and dangerous criminals from the community in an effort to keep Warrick County citizens safe.

These K-9's are are imported from Europe and will cost $33,000, which includes training for the K-9's and their handlers. The training will teach the K-9 obedience, agility, suspect tracking, article searching, narcotics detection, and suspect apprehension.  As you know, $33,000 is hard for anyone to come by, which is why the Warrick County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help.

According to the Warrick County Sheriff's Department:

There are numerous ways the Sheriff's Office K9 skills serve the community. The K9's can track and apprehend felony suspects that have fled the scene of a crime or locate a hiding suspect. The K9's are also trained to locate illegal narcotics. Besides these tasks, the K9's are also used for public demonstrations for schools, community organizations, and public events such as National Night Out. While doing these demonstrations, it lets the children and the community interact with the handler and dog. The K9 demonstrations also serve as an opportunity to address drug abuse prevention with the youth of the community.


Deputy Jordan Saltzman and Deputy Kyle Vallad have been selected to be the next K-9 handler for the Warrick County Sheriff's Department. The K-9 unit is completely funded by generous donations from people within the community.

If you would like to help the Warrick County Sherriff's Office in this endeavor, you can make your donations at the Warrick County Sheriff's Office or mail them to their location. Checks can be made out to the Warrick County Sheriff's Office K9 Fund.

If there are any questions pertaining to the K-9 Fund or you would like to make a donation, contact:

Deputy Kyle Vallad



Deputy Jordan Saltzman


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