I am going to have to make a trip to Walmart because my favorite Tootsie Roll flavor is now on sale.

Have you ever gotten one of those bags of Tootsie Fruit Rolls? These Tootsie Rolls are similar to the original chocolate flavor, however this bag has an assortment of flavors like cherry, lemon, orange, vanilla, and lime. My favorite flavor in that variety pack has always been vanilla. Bags of these are typically only available during the holiday season (some have spotted them at Target at that time). It looks like now they're out for Halloween, and potentially for sale all year round.


Walmart is now selling bags full of vanilla Tootsie Rolls at their stores and online. They haven't specified whether or not these will be available for a limited time only or if it's a permanent addition, but I am hoping for the latter.

You can find them in the candy isle for $2.58.

Now, this is awesome. I'm trilled that I can go buy these Tootsie Rolls now. That being said, I have one more request. They should also sell bags full of the cherry Tootsie Rolls too. Those would be a hit! The cherry flavor along with the vanilla are the two best flavors in the fruit variety pack. Yeah, I said it. Hopefully someone who has an in with Tootsie Rolls sees this and makes it happen. It would be a great way to make 2020 a little better for everyone, just saying...

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