Today is the final day to vote in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist program. This is an opportunity for 40 organizations around the country to win $25,000 in grant money from State Farm and Evansville's Joshua Academy needs your vote!

Joshua Academy is a non-profit education center comprised of a pre-school, charter school, and agri-learning center. If they win, the grant money would be used to provide mental health support for students by implementing a Youth First Social Worker and prevention programs into Joshua Academy. According to State Farm Neighborhood Assist voting page for Youth Resources & Joshua Academy, Principal Arveneda McDonald said,

“We call our students ‘the bright ones,’ because we know they are open to learning and shining with potential, but only 30% can read at grade level. Only 40% can do math at grade level. Why? In part because they are dealing with serious challenges: incarcerated or addicted parents, poverty, anger, depression issues, and more. The school needs a Youth First Social Worker in the building to provide resilience-building strategies, skilled resourcing, teacher/parent training, and a dedicated mentoring presence.”

To learn more about how Youth First & Joshua Academy would put the $25,000 grant to use, visit State Farm Neighborhood Assist.

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