Since 1996, Tropicana Evansville has celebrated the spirit of the holiday season in Indiana by hosting charity slot and blackjack tournaments at the casino in the month of December. These tournaments are unique in that players’ entry fees are either a new toy valued at $10 or more, or $10 or more in cash. The generosity of Tropicana Evansville’s players is exhibited through the many toys collected and money donated. This year’s tournaments will be held Monday, December 4 through Thursday, December 7.

Begins Monday, December 4 at 8AM in the Tropicana Evansville Hotel Lobby.

Begins Monday, December 4 at 11AM in the Casino Tournament Area.

All proceeds benefit two Evansville area organizations, Salvation Army’s Toy Town and Santa Clothes Club. Tropicana Evansville has a 21-year history with both organizations and has donated more than 21,899 toys ($218,990 value) and $42,280 to assist them in their efforts over the years.


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