It all started with a very touching Facebook post with a special request and a hope that maybe, just maybe, it could happen...

As this post was shared, many of us at Townsquare Media were tagged asking if we could try and help these two families in their grief. So we worked together and contacted Luke Combs people. Not knowing if anything would come of it, but we had to try. We started to feel like theses two families were our family, and Alex was our loved one. Other media outlets and the whole community felt like us and we all wanted to help.

Luckily, we got an email that we could help!! Luke Combs wanted to meet them AND he remembered taking the pic with Alex at Backstage Bar and Grill. It was AWESOME!!

I called the family last night and told them the good news. And, that good news spread!!

Leslie Morgan, from WKDQ will be meeting the family before the show to give them their Meet and Greets!! THIS is why we all love our jobs so much!!!! <3

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