It was supposed to be a fun vacation for a Missouri family, but it's ended in the tragic death of a 14-year-old after he fell from an Orlando Free Fall ride.

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I first saw this reported by Yahoo News and confirmed by KSDK in St. Louis. They tell the story of 14-year-old Missouri boy Tyre Sampson. He was on the Orlando Free Fall late Thursday night when he somehow became dislodged as the ride moved toward the ground. KSDK reports that the ride is taller than the Statue of Liberty which gives you an idea the scope of how terrible this fall was.

The TODAY Show had video of the ride along with comments by a parks spokesperson.

While the boy's death is being ruled an accident for now, state investigators are checking to determine if there was a malfunction with the ride and if staff correctly checked those riding.

We will update this story as new information is released.

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