Looking for someplace amazing to retire for around $1,000 a month? We know that sounds impossible but believe it or not, we have discovered a few gorgeous retirement destinations for even the tightest of budgets. Here are the top three:

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    Nicaragua - $995 Per Month

    Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a breathtaking coastline and tranquil Caribbean beaches – there are also plenty of volcanoes and fresh water lakes. Cities like Granada and Leen offer visitors (and retirees) plenty of social activities, including a wide range of theaters and international eateries.

    Nicaragua has a very low cost of living in comparison to the United States and Canada, and two people can live very luxuriously for less than $1,000 month. Seriously, the average rent is about $450 a month, with all utilities (electric, water, propane) costing less than $100 a month. What’s more is that health insurance is very affordable - $100 a month.

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    Malaysia - $1,076 Per Month

    Malaysia is another astounding place where a retired couple can live for about $1,000 a month – or the highest life of luxury for $2,000. In fact, the cost of living in Malaysia is ridiculously cheap, as you can purchase bags of fruit for as little as $4.00, high-speed Internet for $30, and eat out at a nice restaurant for around $10.

    Incidentally, rent in Malaysia is roughly only about $500 and health insurance benefits are approximately $33. You can even add maid service for around $15 per week. You can’t get rates that cheap anywhere in the United States.

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    Ecuador - $1,415 Per Month

    Ecuador can make a retired couple very comfortable for less that $17,000 per year. This country is so affordable, that many people keep homes in the city while maintaining secondary country or beach housing.

    For just under $1,500 a month, a couple can enjoy more traveling and even a better quality of life than they could ever dream of affording by staying in the United States. Rent with all utilities included costs around $650 and health care for two is $20 per month.

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