Got a healthy recipe that you want to share? Check out the contest hosted by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and St. Mary's are hosting a healthy recipe contest and today is the last day to enter. From the St. Mary's website:

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and St. Mary’s Health are partnering to launch a “We Are Evansville“ Healthy Recipe Contest just in time for the start of St. Mary’s Market Days, which will take place during “We Are Evansville Month.”

Submissions for any meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and any category (main course, side item, etc.) will be accepted. Recipes must be original or an original adaptation to be considered.

St. Mary’s dieticians will review the submissions based on the following criteria:

• Must contain at least two of the following: vegetable, fruit, whole grain, lean protein, low-fat dairy
• No fried foods
• Limited added fats (especially saturated and trans fats)
• No highly processed foods (such as white flour and imitation cheese)
• Limited added sugars or artificial sweeteners

Mayor Winnecke will choose his favorite from those selected by St. Mary’s dieticians and announce the winning recipe at the start of St. Mary’s Market Days, Thursday June 27th at 8:30 a.m.
The winner will receive a prize pack and a free one-month membership to the St. Mary’s Healthy Lives Fitness Center.

Copies of the recipe will be printed and handed out during opening day of Market Days, along with other health and wellness information.

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