I tell you what, Tin Man Brewing Company continues to show us why it is a great addition not only to the west side, but to Evansville in general. We already knew they had the beverages locked down, and now they've created a whole new food menu to accompany their delicious brews.

I was fortunate enough to sample some of their new menu items, and to say that I was impressed would be a bit of an understatement. One of the perks of being an on-air personality is that I get a lot of free food (my ever expanding waistline is all the proof you need). Clients bring in the grub in the hopes that we will eat it, enjoy it, and talk about it on the radio. More times than not, we get a new sandwich or item from some national chain, and that's all fine and good...it's a free meal after all. But I really enjoy getting the chance to help out local businesses. I love shedding light on a local gem that folks may not know about. Let me tell you right now that I am shining a big spot light on the food at Tin Man.


(Tin Man Brewing-Facebook)

The Tasting Room inside Tin Man Brewing Company at 1430 W. Franklin Street is open at 11am seven days a week...and is a must-try, especially since they have come up with this new expanded menu (check it out here). I got to try the Red Pepper Hummus, the Circuit Glazed Wings, and the Cuban Pork sandwich. They were all killer!

The hummus is a great appetizer with a bit of a kick towards the end. It came with garlic baguettes which honestly could be an appetizer all by themselves.

The Cuban pork sandwich is a beast, I couldn't even eat half of one. It's loaded with ham, BBQ pulled pork, bacon, swiss cheese, a big fat pickle and topped with a spicy mustard. Damn!

In my opinion, the glazed wings were the superstar of my meal. Don't ask me to explain the glaze, cause all I'll say is it is yummy. The wings aren't fried so they didn't leave me feeling so heavy and full, and the meat was just fall-off-the-bone tender. They were good enough by themselves, but then you add in their smoked orange bleu cheese and it's a can't miss. No joke, I found myself licking the bleu cheese off my plate after the wings were long gone. I could put that bleu cheese on my cereal for crying out loud!

That's my two cents about The Tasting Room at Tin Man Brewing Company. Check it out for lunch or dinner and support a great local business...and tell 'em Bobby G. sent you.