The Tide Pod challenge is a dangerous new trend that involves teenagers ingesting the detergent. This attempt at humor could be fatal.

It's understandable that a young child might think a Tide pod looks like candy, and that they might put in there mouth. That's a legitimate concern that has been addressed. Do we really have to tell teenagers NOT to do the same doggone thing? It just takes one idiot trying to be funny on YouTube to make a bunch of other kids do the same idiotic thing.

So I guess I'll have to have a chat with my kids this weekend and remind them that freakin' laundry detergent is not edible and that it can make you really sick. I don't want to assume that common sense will come into play with these kinds of trends. After all, I was once an idiotic teen myself.

Already this year there have been about 40 reported cases of teens misusing laundry pods. Let's hope that this ridiculous trend ends as quickly as it has started. I don't want to do another blog reporting the death of a teen by detergent poisoning.

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