Betty White was an icon. Growing up she taught me a lot about the person I wanted to be. Here are just a few things I learned from Rose Nylund.


I think we could all arguably say we are like all four Golden Girls in our own quirky and fun way.  I have friends who I can say have the dry humor and wit of Dorothy, the sarcastic comebacks of Sophia, the charisma and confidence of Blanche, and the pure innocence and sunshine and sass of Rose.


If I had to pick just one of them I would have to say I am most like Rose.  Yes, for obvious reasons I can be a bit flighty and absent-minded and yes I can be quite long-winded when it comes to telling a good story about my family.  Rose loved serving others from working at the Grief Counseling Center to driving the Book Mobile and staging a Save the Dolphins Protest.  Whatever she did she brought everyone together.  It didn't always go as she planned but her heart was always in the right place.  I'd say I am most like her because she was always right on time when someone needed to be put right in their place.  Don't mess with Rose.

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  1. Rose never judged others.  She always tried to understand situations as they were and put herself in the place of others.  Like the time she met Dororthy's friend, Jean, who lost her partner Pat, and fell in love with Rose.  Rose didn't understand Jean's feelings but offered an ear and kindness.
  2. Rose was loyal to a fault.  Rose loved her friends, family, and her St. Olaf roots with a passion.  Whether Rose was just meeting you or had known you her whole life you could bet she'd be right there for you.  Like the time she and the girls helped Dorothy in the school play when she was in great need.
  3. Rose when to speak up and tell someone about themselves.  She could do it tactfully without being mean and hateful but straight to the point.  Like the time Daisy from the Sunshine troop took Rose's bear Fernando and held him for ransom.

Angel here and I would have to say the news of Betty's passing broke my heart.  Growing up my momma and I would order a Little Caesar's pizza and cuddle up next to one another on Friday night and all seemed right in the world.  Rose comforted me and made me feel normal on the days when I didn't feel like I much belonged.  She gave me a giggle when I most needed it and she always brought everyone together at the most important time.

We would all do good in life to try and be a little more like Rose.  Rest in Peace Betty.

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