What is now a post office in Illinois used to be a building with a horrific history. This address housed one of the most notorious serial killers in United States history who treated it as his own murder castle.

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If you look at the post office located at 611 W. 63rd Street in the Englewood part of Chicago, you'll see that it looks like a regular federal building. As The History Channel mentions, a building used to stand here that belonged to H.H. Holmes. He was by all accounts a diabolical pharmacist who built a "castle" in the same location that the post office now sits. It had tons of secret passages and sound proof rooms.

Ranker says that H.H. Holmes building had 60 rooms which he would convince guests to stay at. These "guests" would never leave. Many were coming to Chicago for the World's Fair in 1893.

Rumors began to circulate that awful, terrible things were happening to people in the "Murder Castle". By the time police apprehended him, it's thought that as many as 200 people may have been killed by this maniac.

History shared that H.H. Holmes was eventually executed for his crimes although conspiracy theories claim he escaped and someone else was hanged in his place. Despite requests that his body be exhumed, that theory was never proven.

The "Murder Castle" was torn down in 1934 and what is now the Englewood, Illinois post office was erected in its place. No matter how much mail comes and goes from this address, it will always be remembered as the site of one of America's worst serial killers...who may have gotten away with his crimes.

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